Our Mission:

1. To proclaim the Glory, faithfulness, and mercy of the Triune God (Father, Son, and Spirit).

2. To minister to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs of all the students.

3. To challenge students, faculty, and staff to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

4. To encourage the integration of faith and learning.

Our Purpose: 

1. To celebrate God’s Grace through Jesus Christ as it impacts our context.

2. Make Disciples of All Nations as we Graciously and respectfully invite students and staff to begin and develop a relationship with Christ Jesus.

3. Invite all staff and students to become a contributing member of a campus community that celebrates Jesus Christ.

4. Equip students and staff to serve God with a Biblical worldview as it is presented through the Reformed Christian tradition.

5. Be agents of transformation in Tanzania and the world as we seek the transformation of our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

7. Be an effective witness to the broader Christian community.

8. Identify and mentor potential Christian leaders and then equip them to be witnesses of the Word to the world as workers who are not ashamed of the Gospel.


These purposes form the primary framework for the on-going evaluation of the Campus ministry at UAUT and its Chaplain and his staff.