Our core beliefs here at the UAUT’s Chaplain’s Office can be stated under the following headings:




We believe God has revealed to us in the Bible the story of His great love, and His purpose to set all things right. We believe that Jesus is God come in the flesh to make all things right, that He has revealed God's love and will, and that only through faith in Him and His work is the way to salvation. As we come to know that great love and mercy, and as we rest in it, we are transformed by it. In this way, we come to genuinely love God, love others, and love our campus.


When God unites us to Jesus, He also unites us to others, whom we are called to care for, and without whom we cannot grow. Maturity looks like love for others, genuine care, and empathy. It is in the midst of life together that we best reflect God's love and grow deeper in it. We believe the ultimate expression of this community is the church.


The Chaplain’s Department loves this University, and think it is a wonderful place of people and ideas. We believe that your calling to be a student is an important one, a call that God delights in. It is our hope that in the midst of your call as a student at UAUT, you would be equipped and encouraged to serve and lead well here, such that your fellow students, and the broader university, would benefit from the Gospel's work in our midst.